Exotic Wildlife

There are 2 kinds of sloths and 3 kinds of monkeys living in our resort. Spider monkeys, Howler monkeys and White face monkeys. The two kinds of sloths are the 2 and the 3 finger sloths. They often hang around the beach and the parking area. Ask our staff to show you one!
There are also many geckos, frogs, snakes and other reptiles. And of course a lot of insects.
Almonds and Corals is a perfect location for adventurous couples and families looking for an experience outside of the average.

Don’t forget to make your experience in the Caribbean unforgettable by visiting the highlights in our national parks with a licensed guide. Our team can help you prepare your tours during your stay at our hotel and get the maximum possible experience of the Caribbean part of Costa rica.

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Gandoca National Refuge

Visit the tribe and take a tour through the chocolate plantations, learn the production process of organic pure cacao …

Manzanillo National Park

Go on a hike with a Caribbean guide, see sloths and all kinds of wildlife..

Snorkeling Cahuita National Park

The most beautiful coral reefs in the Costarican Caribbean coast are located in Cahuita National Park…


At Almonds and Corals Weddings are one of the core businesses. Our team is experienced with organizing the best day of your life. Besides that we have a great network of suppliers that can arrange any detail you need for your special day.

Our resort holds up to 75 guests, if your group is larger we have a strong network of resorts and houses around us that we can reserve for your special day.


Are you looking for a location to host your retreat?
We are here for you! When you decide to work with us, our in-house special event manager, Raquel, will be your personal assistant in our operation. 

During your retreat we can offer a private beach and restaurant including the menu of your program. Our meeting room offers space for 150 seats in theater setup and the resort with 25 rooms accommodates up to 74 guests. 


To accommodate a corporate training or annual board meeting, we have a 200 m2 meeting room located in the jungle surrounded by trees and nature. This space can be arranged to meet the needs of your reunion. We can place up to 150 seats in ‘theater setting’. The space has walls made from mosquito mesh to keep your group free from insects and fans on the ceiling for a breeze.
We can offer full catering service in the meeting room and the restaurant can host all meals and snacks.


If you are interested, you can fill the form below to receive a personalized quote.



The Climate is tropical. Humid and warm. The rain can be heavy, but hey, at least it’s not freezing! Please be prepared for heavy rains and strong UV sun. Average night temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. And during the day it can go up to 33 in the dry season. Beste months to travel the Caribean are feb – march – April – may – June – September – oktober